Scientific projects currently underway in the European Union.

These are just a few examples of the many exciting scientific projects currently underway in the European Union. Each of these projects has the potential to advance our understanding of the world around us and improve our lives in various ways.



Here is a list of 30 top scientific projects that are currently underway in the European Union:

1. Human Brain Project - developing a simulation of the human brain
2. Graphene Flagship - exploring the potential of graphene in various fields
3. ITER - building the world's largest nuclear fusion device
4. EuroBioImaging - providing access to cutting-edge imaging technologies for researchers
5. EIT Health - promoting innovation in healthcare
6. ELIXIR - building a sustainable European infrastructure for biological data
7. European XFEL - a high-intensity X-ray laser facility
8. H2020-NMBP - advancing nanotechnology and advanced materials research
9. PRACE - providing high-performance computing resources to European researchers
10. E-ELT - constructing the world's largest optical telescope
11. EUREKA Eurostars - promoting innovative SMEs through collaborative R&D projects
12. Euclid - a space telescope mission to investigate dark energy and dark matter
13. Human Cell Atlas - mapping every cell in the human body
14. Horizon 2020 - EU funding programme for research and innovation
15. EIT RawMaterials - developing a sustainable raw materials supply chain
16. Quantum Flagship - exploring the potential of quantum technologies
17. European Open Science Cloud - providing researchers with access to data and computing resources
18. CERN - exploring the fundamental properties of the universe
19. JRC - providing scientific support to EU policies
20. EOSC-Life - developing an open science cloud for life sciences research
21. FAIRsFAIR - promoting the implementation of the FAIR data principles
22. KIC InnoEnergy - promoting innovation in sustainable energy
23. Ocean Observatories Initiative - providing long-term ocean observing infrastructure
24. E-RIHS - building a distributed research infrastructure for heritage science
25. FET - Future and Emerging Technologies - exploring the potential of radically new technologies
26. ERA-NET - promoting collaboration between national research funding agencies
27. NanoSafety Cluster - ensuring the safe use of nanomaterials
28. EIT Climate-KIC - promoting innovation in climate change mitigation and adaptation
29. EXCELSIOR - developing a next-generation energy storage technology
30. Europlanet - exploring the potential of planetary science and exploration